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Ebiz Latin America offers a series of solutions that allows you to optimize your Sales processes, reduce the attention cycles to your clients, offer greater information in real time and a differentiated service to the market.

Ebiz Latin America offers the following services:

1. - Integration of the e-MarketPlace with your Commercial System facilitating the information reception to the company’s internal processes of their clients directly, in real time and automatically such as quotation requests, purchase orders, dispatch orders, plans of delivery and resupply orders among others.

2. - Info Catalogues allows you to extend your market with online solutions, facilitating your clients with all the information of the products you commercialize, allowing to make technical questions, quotation requests, placing of orders, orders follow up and to be integrated with the commercial system of your company.

3. - EbizMovil offers solutions in Mobil devices that allows your salesmen and/or collectors, to have the information on line, to take the orders from your clients in-situ, and to update the information in real time with your commercial system.

4. - If you do not have a Commercial System, Ebiz Latin America offers you the B2Seller version - Outlook e-commerce, in which you will be able to receive, send and manage in a similar atmosphere of "Electronic mail" all the information that your clients send as well as everything that you respond to them, such as quotation requests, answers to the quotations, purchase orders, orders confirmations. All of this information is managed and stored in work trays or folders in an easy and simple way from your Personal computer.

Many companies have identified the benefits of these means and tools, being able to save from 30% to 10% in the administrative load of the Sales department, reduce the time of attention in 20%, obtain a greater satisfaction and offer a better service towards yours clients.